November Gardening Tips

Winter is fast approaching

While the autumn leaves are falling and the temperatures begin to fall with them, it becomes even more important to tend to your garden to protect your plants from the November chill, frost, winds and freezing. To help you maintain and preserve your garden throughout these harsh winter months we have created a collection of tips and advice to help.

Outdoor Plant November Protection:

  • Moving plants into a more sheltered location such as a greenhouse is the ideal way to protect them during November, however if this is something you don’t have, ensuring plants are in a sheltered spot, wrapped or covered this can minimise the impact of the harsh weather.
  • Raising potted plants off the ground will prevent waterlogging
  • Remove fallen leaves and plant debris from your lawn to prevent any blackspots or damage to your lawn
  • Last chance to plant your spring bulbs for a beautiful spring display next year – before frost sets in
  • Prune roses to prevent wind-rock. We would recommend pruning them by one-third to half their height
  • If you have a greenhouse, make sure to try and retain as much warmth as possible by closing vents by mid-afternoon and insulating
  • Keep ahead of the game – start planning and think what you can do for December and the following months

Indoor Plants During Winter:

While indoor plants don’t have the direct impact of the winter weather elements, they can be harshly impacted by the changes in temperature, humidity, and light. Check out our top tips to maintaining your indoor plants over the winter months.

  • Change to indoor heating can dry out the air in your home, so our top tip would be to make sure to mist your indoor plants or place containers of water near your potted plants to ensure there is enough humidity in the air.
  • While it may be difficult during the colder months, the steadier the room temperature the better for your indoor plants. Typically watch out for leaves turning brown and curling, this can mean your plants are too cold. If leaves turn yellow or begin to fall, this can be a sign that your plants are overheating.
  • Reduce watering. Ideal only water once compost dries out to prevent rot and overwatering.
  • Keep a watch out for any drafts which can make the plants too cold.

Fun November Garden Hack

Gardening but make it crafty! Using your garden or wild plants can be a great way to get creative over the winter period. An activity to get the whole family involved in is cutting and collecting any stems of holly with berries to make Christmas garlands – now is the best time to do this before all the berries are eaten.

Feeding Nature Over Winter

As well as providing your plants with the best feed and protection, it’s important to remember the wildlife which also struggle during the colder months. Birds and other wildlife can struggle to source water and food, so make sure to keep your birdfeeders and squirrel boxes topped up.

Get Down to Earth – HTA advise

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