Festive Hyacinths

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Create a Festive Gift 


Hyacinth’s fill the air with their beautiful scent and are a stunning flower to have in spring time, but hyacinths are also a fabulous bulb to plant in September to flower over the Christmas period if you plant ‘prepared’ bulbs. 

ChristmasHyacinthBulbsDisplayThis year why not create a beautiful gift for someone special with hyacinth bulbs? Here’s a few quick ideas of how you can present prepared hyacinth bulbs There are lots of ideas to create something a bit different such as old candle jars, tea cups, terracotta pots and even old tin cans! 

It is a good idea to wear gloves when handling the bulbs as these can cause skin irritation.

How to plant

  • Select the hyacinth bulbs you wish to use – ensuring that you select ‘prepared’ bulbs.
  • Depending on the size of your pot, it’s a good idea to plant in odd numbers as this creates a really nice effect.
  • Fill your pot or container with bulb fibre or compost to around 5cm of the top.
  • Don’t pack the comport too tightly as the hyacinth bulb roots need to find their way through
  • Set the bulb/s in your container
  • Bulbs can be close together but not touching each other or the sides of the container
  • Add more compost up to the neck of the bulb. The tops of the bulbs should just be showing at the surface.
  • Press the soil down firmly at the top to set the bulb securely in place
  • Place your pots or container in a dark, cool place. You could also cover loosely with a black bin bag to exclude any light.
  • Check your pots regularly and add water if they’re drying outChristmasHyacinthBulbs
  • When the hyacinth shoots are around 4-5cm long, bring the pot/container into the light (avoid string direct light, away from drafts and heat sources like a radiator)
  • Once established, you can take your hyacinths into a warmer room for display.
  • If you’re gifting your hyacinth bulbs you can now add the finishing touches such as moss, rattan string, bows, ribbon and gift cards.

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