Planting Bulbs

Tips and Advice

The great thing about planting bulbs is that anyone can do it – even the most inexperienced or novice gardener can get involved. Planting bulbs is a cheap and cost effective way of getting lots of fabulous colour into your garden all year round, whether for Spring into Summer or Summer into Autumn.

Bulbs are pretty hardy and will return every year, not only that they are pretty clever things as well! They will stay under ground until they are ready to grow – so you don’t need to worry about them, even in winter, as they will be quite happy in the soil until ready to grow at the right time.

Don’t be frightened to plant lots of different bulbs in one small area. Bulbs grow at different rates and times, so by planting lots of different bulbs in the same area, you can almost be guaranteed new and colourful flowers right through the season.

Click HERE or watch our easy to follow video about how to plant bulbs below.

When to Plant

The perfect time of year to plant bulbs for Spring, is in Autumn (September/October) while the soil is still warm.

The perfect time of year to plant bulbs for Summer is in Spring (March/April/May) once the soil starts to warm up again following the winter months.

You can either plant straight into the soil, which many people do, or plant into containers – this way you wont forget where you’ve planted your bulbs and accidentally dig them up when taking out bedding plants that have finished flowering for the season! If planting in containers, simply plant them into the soil in Spring when they are ready.

The general rule of thumb when planting bulbs is to dig them in twice the depth of soil to the size of the bulb. ie if your bulb is 5cm high, dig a hole 10cm deep. Pop your bulb in and cover up. Your clever bulb will do the rest!

Layer Planting

Why not plant your bulbs in containers and try a layered ‘lasagne’ container effect. Working in layers, plant bulbs in a container filled with coarse potting soil, ensuring that no bulb is planted directly above another bulb. Plant the tallest flowers deepest in the pot, and move up with shorter and shorter varieties. Cover each neck with 1 inch of soil. Water and then let nature take it’s course. Why not vary containers with different bulb combinations….

Another great way to plant spring bulbs is by planting prepared hyacinth bulbs in Autumn to have stunning hyacinth flowers by Christmas. For more info click HERE.

The hardest part of planting bulbs is deciding which ones to plant. Our Spring and Summer bulb shop has a selection of bulbs that are good for naturalising, for dry conditions, poor soil, wet soil as well as bulbs that will produce flowers which attract wildlife. So as they say…the choice is yours!