Lawncare and Garden Accessories

Make sure you take care of your lawn in spring to keep it in good condition throughout the year! We have a number of lawn care events coming up to help you stay in the know – Westland Lawn care team will be in-store on Thursday 4th April to answer any queries you may have about your lawn or garden.

“Established in 1820 Johnsons Lawn Seed is the oldest lawn seed brand in the UK with a long and presitgious record of product innovation and grass breeding.”

We now have a great selected of Johnsons Lawn seed in store, including General Purpose, Quick Fix, Turf Grass, Shady area, After Moss and many more. Visit the store for more info and ranges available.

Lawncare Offers


  • Solaboil Top Lawn – long lasting feed (Pet and child safe) 80sqm only £6.99 – save £2
  • Westland Aftercut ‘All in One’ 400sqm – only £24.99 with 10% extra free (440m for price of 400m)
  • Westland Aftercut ‘All in one’ box 150sqm – special price £10
  • Westland Aftercut ‘All in one’ box 150sqm – special price £10
  • Westland ‘Lawn Thickener’ box 150sqm – special price £12.99
  • Westland Lawn Sand 200sqm – only £14.99
  • Weedol Lawn weed killer 1L £5.99 each with 25% extra free


  • Evergreen Complete 4in1 400sqm only £19.99 – save £5 *includes 25% Extra FREE*
  • Evergreen Complete 4in1, 100sqm only £9.99  + 25% Extra FREE
  • Evergreen No rake Moss and Lawn food £14.99 – save £2
  • Evergreen Complete 4in1 Lawn Spreader 100sqm – our price £12.99 

All offers are subject to availability and may change at any time.