How to make easy bird feeders

Easy to follow and fun activities for kids to do all year round. In the spring, birds will be nesting and have their chics to look after and feed, so your bird feeders are perfect for them. In the autumn they will be building their fat stores for the colder months ahead.

This is a great project for children to do.

What you’ll need: 1 terracotta pot (or empty yogurt/margarine tub), packet of lard or fat alternative – see below, cup of loose bird seed, garden string, a large plastic bowl, acrylic paint and brush, plastic gloves if you have them (stops you getting stinky hands from the lard!)

How to make: if you’re decorating your pot, do this first. Acrylic paint works well as this is suitable for use outdoors. Allow the paint to dry before the next step (you can also use stickers – as shown)

Cut a length of garden string (approx 50cm) and put one length through the bottom of the pot and secure at the other end so that the pot can be hung in your garden.

Next take a large bowl and mix together your chosen fat and bird seed. Depending on the size of your pot you may not need all the lard/fat. Make sure that you have plenty of seed though. Once mixed, put the mix into your pot – make sure you keep the string to the side so that it doesn’t fall into the pot while you’re packing.

Once the pot is full, you can hang your pot on a tree or hook in your garden and watch while the birds flock to enjoy a tasty treat! Simply fill up when it’s empty…

Lard alternatives: If you don’t have lard, keep the fat from cooking pork/beef sausages, use peanut butter or coconut oil.

Make a bird treat wreath

What you’ll need: Florist or garden wire, selection of dried fruit such as dried apple and sultanas, unflavoured/plain popcorn, cheerios (or similar), florists/electrical tape. Mix it up with lots of different things and see if different birds come to each.

How to make: take a length of wire (approx 50cm), select your items and feed them carefully onto the wire. You can either fill the space available, or fill most of the wire – making sure that you leave a couple of inches either side of each end so that you can secure with the florist or electrical tape.

All you have to do now is hang your treat wreath up in your garden for the birds to enjoy.