Top Gardening Trends of 2019

Top Gardening Trends of 2019

It’s the start of another new year and the perfect time to start planning how best to maximise your outdoor space. This year, the major trends all focus around getting the most out of your garden – whatever the size! Check out the hottest gardening trends of 2019 for your garden this year.


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One of the most inspiring trends of the year is the ancient art of Wabi-Sabi which is great news for those who are a little less hands on in the garden! This ancient art has been practised since the 15th century in Japan and centres around balancing nature and nurture and reflecting on the beauty of our gardens natural imperfections and the acceptance of the natural cycle. Think overgrown perennials, moss-covered stones, rusty iron gates and weathered pots are all bang on trend this year.

Alfresco Dining

Making the most of your outdoor space is easier than you think. Think of your garden as an extension of your home – it’s that massive kitchen you’ve always dreamt of and the extra living space you’ve always wanted.

Alfresco living is set to be bigger than ever this year, preparing meals outdoors, cooking, dining and entertaining family and friends outdoors are what it is all about. Create a dedicated area with some comfy garden furniture and bring the kitchen outdoors! Make your space fabulous with mood solar lighting and create a wonderful ambience with a firepit to create a lovely and relaxing atmosphere – and additional warmth!


Growing your own food is on the rise and more people are embracing GYO through changing diets and lifestyle movements, rising food prices and a growing appreciation of organic produce. If you have never grown anything before, why not try your hand at growing potatoes or peas this year? They are so easy to grow and will grow just about anywhere! Designate a spot in your garden this year or if you are limited on space, growing things on your windowsill is another easy way to get started – why not experiment with chillies or give salad leaves or herbs a go?

For the seasoned pros or for those who are very keen to start producing many different types of veg, greenhouses are an excellent way of increasing your fruit and veg yields all year round. Greenhouses are set to make a massive comeback this year!

Healing Houseplants

The healing properties of houseplants are becoming increasingly well known. They provide us with amazing health benefits by purifying our air and have even been proven to reduce stress and make us happier!

As well as looking fantastic in the home, houseplants have phenomenal properties. They can improve our health through their ability to remove harmful airborne contaminants. Our internal environment can be 5-10 times more polluted that the exterior environment due to harmful substances omitted from everyday household products. The simple addition of houseplants can help remove these pollutants significantly. Never underestimate the power of houseplants!

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Incorporating mindfulness

Another ancient tradition which is being transferred to our garden life is the Buddhist tradition of mindfulness which is all about immersing yourself in the present moment. Gardening is the perfect way to connect with your surroundings and can help improve mental clarity and concentration.

This year the focus is on elements which stimulate the senses. Planting plenty of Lavender and fragranced herbs such as rosemary and thyme can be very therapeutic or why not grow some mint and enjoy some fresh mint tea in your garden?

Water features are another garden feature which are set to be huge this year. There’s something very relaxing about the sound of water and a water fountain would definitely add some tranquillity to your outdoor space.

Very Verdure

We are very excited about the gardening colour trends of this year. Inspired by the colours  found naturally in vegetations and woodlands, the Verdure palette features berry-infused purples, red wood, eggshell blue and foliage green.

If you are looking to infuse these colours into your own garden, why not introduce colourful clay pots and accessories? There are many berry coloured plants for all seasons like the Beauty Berry (Callicarpa Profusion), Lavender, Anemones, and Hebe. If you have any wooden garden furniture needing a face-lift, what about a fresh lick of paint in eggshell blue to brighten things up and complement the shades of your new plants.

Which gardening trend will you be pursuing this year?