Top Gardening Trends of 2019

It’s the start of another new year and the perfect time to start planning how best to maximise your outdoor space. This year, the major trends all focus around getting the most out of your garden – whatever the size! Check out the hottest gardening trends of 2019 for your garden this year.

Grown Up Playground

We can’t let kids have all the fun. One of the most inspiring trends of 2019 has got to be the adult treehouse trend. Don’t worry if you have a fear of heights, this trend is more grounded than you might expect and is more about creating your very own hideaway or garden sanctuary. Convert a shed, invest in a cabin or build your own outdoor kitchen to create your go-to space whatever you chose to do with it.

A really fun idea is to create an outdoor kitchen, why not grow herbs and install bar seating or a pizza oven, or create the perfect ambience with a firepit, chiminea, water feature, comfy seating and don’t forget to include some outdoor mood lighting so your playground can be enjoyed after dark.

Create a Moon Garden

Based on the ancient practice of gardening to the moon cycle, create your very own moon garden filled with beautiful light reflecting plants like white echinacea, lambs ear and white muscari then enjoy spending evenings in your garden with fragrant night blooming flowers like evening primrose and watch as night-time pollinators take centre stage.

Asymmetrical Gardening 

Similar to the 2018 trend of Wabi-Sabi, it looks like 2019 is set to follow suit with the asymmetrical trend which is all about natural structure, embracing imperfections in nature and making lines less precise and controlled. Think about the positioning of shrubs and trees to create a more natural look, planting in a loose manner which still provides eye catching focus to your garden.

Alfresco Dining

Making the most of your outdoor space is easier than you think. Think of your garden as an extension of your home – it’s that massive kitchen you’ve always dreamt of and the extra living space you’ve always wanted.

Alfresco living is set to be bigger than ever this year, preparing meals outdoors, cooking, dining and entertaining family and friends outdoors are what it is all about. Create a dedicated area with some comfy garden furniture and bring the kitchen outdoors! Make your space fabulous with mood solar lighting and create a wonderful ambience with a firepit to create a lovely and relaxing atmosphere – and additional warmth!


Short on garden space? This year is all about growing food is small spaces. What about growing strawberries, blueberries or raspberries in hanging baskets or pots on balconies and porches? Patio fruits are set to be big this year and it doesn’t stop at berries. Why not grow apples, pears and cherries in buckets and pots? You will be surprised how much you can do with a small space.

Get it Light

It’s amazing what a little lighting can do and this year it is all about the lumens. Set the tone in your garden and create a year-round glow with smart solar lighting –  and the key to great lighting is how you use it. One of the major trends this year is uplighting – with particular accent on trees. Place lights under the trunk of a tree to illuminate its branches and create a beautiful illuminated canopy over your favourite seating area. Definitely something to try this year.

Healing Houseplants

The healing properties of houseplants are becoming increasingly well known. They provide us with amazing health benefits by purifying our air and have even been proven to reduce stress and make us happier!

As well as looking fantastic in the home, houseplants have phenomenal properties. They can improve our health through their ability to remove harmful airborne contaminants. Our internal environment can be 5-10 times more polluted that the exterior environment due to harmful substances omitted from everyday household products. The simple addition of houseplants can help remove these pollutants significantly. Never underestimate the power of houseplants!

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Colour of the Year

The Pantone colour of the year has been announced and ‘Living Coral’ – will be the shade to dominate the design industry this year, and this colour can find its way into your garden. Somewhere between a pink and golden orange ‘Living Coral’ is inspired by the colours found in the Coral Reef.

If you are looking to infuse these colours into your own garden, keep an eye out for Dahlias, tulips, lilies and begonias or if you like making a bold statement, why not give your garden furniture a facelift with a fresh lick of coral paint – certainly eye catching!

Which gardening trend will you be pursuing this year?