Creating a Woodland Garden

Woodland gardens are all about embracing plants in their natural environment and using lots of meadow, woodland and traditional cottage garden plants.

You don’t have to have a huge garden to adopt many of the ideas for this type of garden, even by creating a corner or even a container in your outdoor space, inspired by woodland gardens, you can create instant interest or a focal point throughout the summer months.

Fairy Garden SculptureMany woodland inspired settings include curved pathways and landscaping with open terraces – featuring a beautiful selection of trees, perennials, quiet places to sit and stunning sculptures.

We’ve put together our woodland garden favourites to give you some inspiration for your garden this month.

How to Create a Woodland Garden

A woodland garden focuses very much on traditional trees, perennials and landscaping.

When it comes to the types of plants that you can use, you can let your imagination run wild! Adding a small display of woodland garden inspired plants in containers or in borders will also create an instant magnet for bees and butterflies in the summer – not to mention the fabulous colours and scents!

Woodland planting lupinsLow growing perennials such as lupins, campanula, iris and anchusa compliment each other really well, growing at different heights to create interest across the garden. By adding in a bright orange coloured Geum this will really lift the whole effect. Many of these plants will work well in borders as well as containers.

Add herbs to your Woodland Garden

Adding herbs such as lavender and rosemary at the front of your border or low hedges will add woody texture and beautiful scent. They thrive best in free-draining soils with full sun and grow particularly well in chalky and alkaline soils. They can be combined with Cottage Garden classics like salvia and will sit beautifully in containers on the patio and front door.

Ferns for woodland plantingLow level shade planting is also a great way to create the woodland effect. Ferns and primula below smaller trees such as yew and maple create a lovely effect.

Look at your landscaping too – every woodland garden needs a pathway to somewhere beautiful to relax! By using light stone, chips or even landscaping bark you can create woodland path.

Relax in your Woodland Garden

And what will you have at the end of your woodland path? A wooden bench, swing or BBQ hut. There are many options available depending on the size of your garden. Our team can advise on what will suit your needs.

A few other things to consider to create your woodland escape….why not relax in your surroundings with a water feature. From a simple ceramic bird bath to a fully operational running water feature or even a wildlife friendly pond will add instant interest to your woodland garden.

Add interest to your Woodland Garden 
Garden water feature

Last but not least, many Woodland gardens feature amazing sculptures, which are a lovely addition to any garden, large or small. Depending on your space available you can place them in borders, on patios or in nooks and crannies which will surprise guests are they walk around, or simply to fill a space.

From metal windmill sculptures which spin in the wind to stone figures and decorative pieces, have a look in store to see what we have available.