Autumn Lawn Care

Removing leaves

Remove fallen leaves from your lawn at least weekly throughout autumn to avoid any problems of disease, otherwise your grass will be fighting for survival under all that rotting vegetation.  A rake, besom broom or mechanical collector will help you collect the leaves for your compost heap.


Removing moss and aerating

Before scarifying, check for moss invasion and treat this with a product that contains a mosskiller such as EverGreen Autumn 2 in 1. If you don’t treat the moss with a suitable mosskiller before raking it out, you may inadvertently spread the spores around the lawn and make the problem worse.

September is the best time to aerate your lawn, quickly helping to strengthen the grass by improving drainage. Drive a fork or other spiked instrument into the top few inches of soil to allow rain and air to penetrate more deeply and at the same time relieve any compaction. Alternatively, why not try out a pair of aerator shoes, Jimmy Choo they’re not, but your lawn will appreciate it!



After the constant mowing of summer, the grass deserves a feed before the onset of winter so that it is strong and green. Choose a special autumn fertiliser which contains balanced nutrients and some slow release nitrogen. At Simpsons we have a selection of autumn lawn food to suit.


Repair bare patches. Drought, hard wear and animal abuse are all causes of dead patches in a lawn. So is the scalping of the surface by a mower which is set too low to avoid the bumps. Whatever the cause, re-seeding the area during the autumn may be the best remedy. The procedure is simple: Prick the surface of the patch with a garden fork to a depth of 1 inch, and then rake the soil to form a fine seed bed. Scatter grass seed evenly over the area and then cover with a thin layer of moist compost or sifted garden soil. Pat down the area with the back of a spade and then water regularly. There are various mixtures of EverGreen grass seed available for different parts of the garden or you can use EverGreen Lawn Repair Kit to repair these bare patches.