Container Planting Service

At Simpsons, our team of horti experts and gardeners are available to plant containers, pots and hanging baskets for you absolutely FREE at our Flower Pot Planting Bar, which is located in our outdoor area.

You don’t always have time to do these things yourself, and our team just love planting! All you have to do is select your container and plants and let us do the rest!*

Whether it’s a container or hanging basket for your own garden or for a gift, our team can help you choose the right plants or help with some inspiration.

With a whole plant area to select from, there’s guaranteed to be something that’s perfect for you! Simply pop into store any time and speak to a member of the horti team, who will be delighted to help.

Planting Bar Services

  • Container planting
  • Hanging basket planting
  • Seasonal refresh of containers and hanging baskets
  • Individual orders and corporate orders
  • Statement containers 
  • Gift containers and pots for special occasions
  • All gardening queries
  • Landscaping ideas and inspiration 

*Plants and containers are individually priced.