Bird Care

Why do we need to feed the birds? Unfortunately many of a birds natural resources are dwindling and our gardens provide a vital supply of food all year round for our feathered friends to top up their energy levels.

With reduced hedgerows and marshlands available, this has a knock-on impact to the available feeding and nesting locations of wild birds. Therefore the food sources and nesting opportunities we have in our gardens are becoming more important than ever and both the RSPB and BTO recommend supporting wild birds by providing food all year round.

Birds are fantastic to watch in the garden, and depending on the type of food you put out for them, you can encourage all types of feathered friends to visit. If you have bird feeders and tables placed in different locations, these can provide great features of interest.

Birds are also a natural predator in your garden in the fight against unwanted beasties that might feed on your plants such as caterpillars, slugs and snails – therefore the more birds you have in your garden the better!

At Simpsons our Bird Care department has all types of bird food: from peanuts and mixed seed to sunflower hearts and nyger seeds – plus a full selection of bird feeders, baths, tables and boxes. We always have great offers available, so make sure you visit on a regular basis for the best deals.  The team are on hand should you need any advice, just ask!

Don’t forget to look out for other garden wildlife food and shelters available in store for hedgehogs, squirrels and bees.

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