Environmental Policy

At Simpsons we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment.


  • Ensuring that all relevant Environmental Legislation and Regulations are applied
  • Operating the Business in an environmentally sensitive manner
  • Purchasing environmentally friendly materials when appropriate
  • Raising the awareness of staff so that everyone is involved
  • Reducing Energy Usage by increased Energy Efficiency
  • Re-Using or Recycling Waste where possible
  • Using raw materials in a manner that reduces waste and transport costs
  • All our wood furniture comes from Food Stewardship Council (FSC) accredited sources. This means that it is sourced from responsible, well managed and sustainable forests. Make sure you look out for the FSC logo

Our Peat Policy

  • At Simpsons Garden Centre we believe the best possible products should be used for success in the garden, and we have a duty to our customers to offer them.
  • However, we need to be aware of the impact gardeners have on the environment and to balance successful gardening with minimal environmental harm.
  • Peat based products offer a tried and tested growing medium at a reasonable price, but can be damaging to the environment through habitat reduction and carbon release.
  • It is our intention to promote the use of peat free products by raising awareness of the issues and selling peat replacement products at similar prices to products containing peat.
  • It is our intention to educate and not to dictate what the gardener should do.

Did you know?

  • Each year Simpsons recycles 460 cubic metres of cardboard and 230 cubic metres of plastic
  • We compost all our green and food waste
  • We use compost-able straws, coffee cups, juice cups and sandwich/salad cartons in our restaurant.
  • With help from our suppliers we are implementing recyclable pots and containers across our outdoor area
  • Where possible our bedding plants are sourced locally ensuring minimum transportation and maximum quality
  • Many of the lights we use are operated via movement sensors
  • All our wood products come from FSC accredited sources
  • We water all our plants by hand ensuring we have no wastage
  • The heating for our restaurant is recycled from excess heat from our Kitchen
  • We offer customers the choice to use peat free compost.

Our Green Environmental Policy