Real Christmas Trees

We know every home has just the right space waiting to be filled with the perfect tree for your family to decorate this festive season. It’s an important decision, which is why we make it as easy as possible for you to choose the right one. The best trees are always locally grown…

Which is why all of our trees are local, Highland grown and we visit the grower through the year to ensure that each and every tree coming to Simpsons meets our excellent level of quality and standard as well as keeping our carbon footprint low!

We stock beautiful Nordmann Firs, which have a much lighter needle drop in comparison to other firs, which means your tree looks stunning all festive season long.

When you come to Simpsons to select your tree, you can enjoy a stroll through our sparkly lit Christmas tree avenue located in our outdoor area, where all the trees are set up just as they would be in your home. That way you can see it from every angle to make sure it’s going to look perfect.

Once you’ve selected your tree, our team will carefully wrap it for you to take to your car or arrange delivery of your tree. (local delivery only, delivery not available on day of purchase. See in store for details)

Don’t forget to pick all your Christmas tree essentials such as tree stand, lights and decorations.

Real Christmas Tree Tips

If you have a fresh cut Christmas tree in your home this year, here’s a few tips to make sure your tree lasts through the festive season in tip top condition…

  1. Get Your Tree Ready – Once you’ve got your fresh cut tree home, remove the netting and prop it up outside in a bucket of water to rehydrate it. This also gives the tree the chance to adjust to the change in it’s environment.
  2. Score the tree stump – When plant stems are cut, the cells at the base often seal up to prevent water being lost, however this also stops the tree taking up more water.
  3. Display in a cool place – Hot and dry air will dehydrate your tree, so keep it away from heat sources such as radiators and open fires. Trees will thrive better in cooler areas. Why not also try using LED fairy lights as they don’t get as hot as traditional ones (plus they use less electricity – a ‘Win Win’ situation)    
  4. Water, water, water – Make sure your tree has plenty of water throughout the festive season. Check your tree stand daily and top up as necessary, some firs and pines can drink pints of water a day in the first week of being put up! Thirsty work being a tree don’t you know!
  5. Sugar treat for your tree – Like with cut flowers, you can boost your trees longevity by stirring a couple of spoonfuls of sugar into the water before topping up your tree stand supply, you can even mix some full-sugar lemonade mixed into water. Whatever you do, don’t use plant fertiliser as this is designed to be absorbed by plant roots and won’t benefit cut trees or flowers at all.